Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mug from above

Coffee is crucial in the morning. In the summer months this nectar of the gods provides caffeine...but in the winter it has a dual purpose.
Warmth and Energy.
I took a hiatus from coffee for a month or two...just because I'm lazy. But now that its -30 when I wake up in the morning, coffee has made its way back into my life.

The dilema with coffee is the travler mug.

For those that have the perfect traveler you would not understand the difficulty that comes from having a bad traveler. It's like taking a newborn to a movie...just not worth it in the end. So it is with bad travel mug. The only one we have in our house is one of the short pudgy ones. I have the Danny DeVito of coffee mugs (compared to the ideal tall, skinny travler...aka Heidi Klum). Now let me explain why the DeVito mug looks cute..but fails miserably!
1. Too fat to fit in cup holders. This COMPLETELY null and voids the purpose of a traveler. Instead of being hands free I have to either drive with one hand or master the art of driving with it in between my legs. (This never ends well)
This leads me to number 2....
Devito Mug is not air tight. Nope. When this thing tips over (see #1) coffee goes everywhere. You might as well take the lid off and just pour it on the floor- exact same end result.
These are the main reasons I gave up coffee. I'm too lazy and the effort to enjoy it in the car wasn't worth it! Also, I was way to cheap to go buy a new one and I hadn't seen the Ideal Traveler. I wasn't going to drop $20 bucks on another "accident waiting to happen". So I just gave up.

That is until the "Mug from Above."
I came home the other week and there was a stainless steel coffee traveler sitting in my drive way. You could say it looked like it was waiting for someone. (Me? I asked) I racked my brain for who's it could be....none of my family drinks coffee. No one had been at the house (that I knew of) for a couple days. And yet this Perfect traveler sat in the driveway. Could it have been forgotten....travesty. Or possibly a gift....I like that idea. Well, honestly either way I was going to take it. It looked perfectly left over coffee inside(thankfully!) I took it as a present from above. The Lord knew it was going to be getting cold he left me a mug :)
I did't realize "Mug from Above"'s full potential until our first experience together. This miracle mug is completely spill proof. I could launch that sucker into the air and not spill a drop! Also, I press a button to trigger the mouth to open so there is no whops I left the mouth open now my coffee is freezing...or spilled. And the most impressive thing....I brewed this coffee at 7:30 this morning. Didn't drink all of it....decided to see if it's still decent.
2 PM...Coffee is STILL WARM! Impressive!
This mug will make these winter months so much more bareable...and accident proof. So thank-you mysterious mug giver... I appreciate it!


I Am: looking forward to the Holidays and eating way too much!
I Have: a new job, which is amazing
I Think: too much sometimes
I Know: that I am destined for greatness. But I forget my potential sometimes.
I Dislike: collard greens...and easily offended people
I Miss: the care-free days of college
I Fear: failure
I Feel: tired, excited, happy, scared, joyful, and especially cold.
I Want: to succeed
I Smell: fall in everything.
I Crave: chocolate. Or ice cream would be awesome too!
I Cry: rarely. And when I do it usually sneaks up on me
I Usually: wonder where the weekend went
I Search: for something good in everyone.
I Wonder: if I'll realize when I'm doing exactly what I was called to do. Will it hit me and be like " Oh THIS IS IT!"
I Care: about what people think way to much
I Love: laughing with friends and family more than anything!
I Regret: having not clung to every moment in highschool and college.
I Always: want to make wonderful memories
I Worry: way too much
I Am Not: perfect
I Remember: when my biggest worry was the spelling test on Friday.
I Dance: in the car and in front of the mirror...a lot.
I Don't Always: think before I speak
I Write: because I don't understand until I've written my thoughts out.
I Win: all the time! Unless I'm playing my brother Mitchell.
I Wish: poverty didn't exist
I Argue: very rarely
I Listen: to country because I love the stories the lyrics tell
I Lose: my purpose in life's business
I Don't Understand: why people would believe there isn't a God.
I Can Usually Be Found: in the bathtub. I love water and I love being warm!
I Am Scared: of being chased. Therefore, I usually hate Hide N' Go Seek
I Need: to learn to trust
I Forget: things a lot. I use sticky notes
I Am: excited about these new stages in my life and where they will take me!