Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Beach Trip

Just came back from our 2nd Annual Beach Trip. That trip single handedly brings me so much joy and reminds me how good it feels to laugh till my stomach hurts and tears role down my face. We always take jumping pictures, people have learned this about us. I'm convinced that one day when I have a family of my own I will still be taking these (My own family does this!) There is just too much laughter that comes from them....and in my book laughter has no maturity limit! That being said, here's a glimpse at the 2010 attempts....

These pictures are a perfect examples of all our personalities....

Roommates! Love it. Please make note of Katie's "barbie" arms and apparent peg leg. Jamie is fully committed. I've had better.

Jamie and I have been jumping for's a skill. This one we gave it all we had!
This one was in honor of the '09 Jumps. Year so good I doubt we will ever be able to repeat the hilarity of those jumps. The faces and arm positions of this jump however are pretty impressive!

Last but not least, picture of all the girls. Of all the places to eat in Destin we would find the Mexican Restaurant. Ladies- what a good trip! Counting down the days till next year!

(L to R: Megan, Katie, myself, Lauren, Jamie)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's the simple things

Finding joy in the simple things:

Coming downstairs weekend mornings and just sitting and drinking coffee with my roommates.

Days when the sun shines so bright you seriously have to believe that everything is right in the world

Rainy days that give me the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and listen to the storm role in

Watching someone bow their head in prayer before eating a meal

Going for a run and enjoying the feeling of my legs pounding the pavement

Having friends in my life that I have over 15 years of memories with

Designs in my latte foam

Going to a rodeo and wearing cowboy boots and being thankful for being from the South

Living in the city

Being only hours from the country

Laughter that makes your stomach hurt and tears stream down your face

Being able to look at an old friend and one glance meaning a thousand words

Inside jokes

Really good ice cream

Despite age, being united with others over one simple thing: Georgia Football

Pottery Barn & Anthropology magazines just because of their creative layout


Random moments in the day when for no particular reason you just feel the Lord near

Days where the whole family is back under one roof

Driving in the country and catching a glimpse of the stars

Getting lost in a good book

Songs that bring back floods of memories

Driving with the windows down

Sitting on the deck with friends on summer evenings

and.....American Flag Running shorts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I learn a lot through analogies. I’m not sure what that says about my learning capabilities that someone has to create a story or similarity for me to understand things, but either way, over the years I’ve realized it’s how I learn best. Since college I’ve also noticed that the Lord tends to show me things through analogies, typically through comparing life to athletics. Again, makes me sound like a “meat head” (not sure if girls can be those…but go with it) Grew up always playing sports or practicing to be better at whatever season I was playing in. It makes sense to use something I’ve done for the past 12 years to teach me.
That being said, here’s the latest analogy I’m learning. Again, learning is key word here. Not past tense. Present.
I view my walk with the Lord very much so like ongoing training for the ultimate race….not an original thought. Pretty sure Paul came up with it….may be why he is one of my faves.
Spirituality is a lot like being physically fit. It takes training, time, discipline, endurance, and an obvious love of what you’re doing. You notice athletes. You can look at someone and usually tell they are a runner; not a “I run 3 miles a week” but a “yeah I’ve ran 25 half marathons” (met one of those people before! Respect)
They’re fit looking. Their muscles are lean and toned. If you’re close with them, you notice they take care of their bodies by feeding it things that will build their strength and help them perform to the best of their ability. They make time to train and are disciplined with their training. I’ve never met an athletic person who only ran when they felt like it. They tend to have goals set…and a plan to make sure they are getting the practice they need. And again, anyone who spends THAT much time doing something, love what they’re doing.
Here’s the key….you don’t have to see all the time and effort they put into it, you can tell by looking at them. They don’t have to tell you, “I’ve done an Iron Man” or “I really like to run…a lot”. You know. And the good athletes don’t feel the need to tell you. They train because they love what they do….not for others praise.

Feel like the same goes with our spirituality. Obviously, people can’t look at me and know I love Jesus. However, if I’m putting in the time to spend time in the Word and with Jesus….there is a positive benefit. The whole “Christian” lifestyle is to go through life becoming more like Christ. Therefore the more time we spend with Him, obviously the more we become like Him. The way we treat people changes….the things we say change…we love different…we encourage instead of tear down…and the list goes on and on. It’s a lifestyle. It takes discipline and a lot of time. For me personally, I can tell when I haven’t been “training”. My personality goes down the tubes, it’s more of a struggle to love and I tend to worry a lot. Physically same thing happens. Haven’t run in a while…3 miles is DEATH! I’m sucking wind…cramping in places I didn’t know I could cramp…and all I can think about is STOPPING. However, when I’ve been training in both areas of my life loving people comes easier, joy flows, and doing life right just comes so much more naturally- less of a struggle. Running is fun; the further I go the more I enjoy it and instead of pain, my body thrives off the physical push and I want to run longer.

If I’m really seeking after the Lord and putting in the time and effort…I shouldn’t have to tell you all the time how much I love the Lord. If you do life with me, you should see it in how I live…in what I say to others. I’ve met people like that….their relationship with the Lord just oozes out of them. Again, not in a way that every other minute they’re telling you “what the Lord is doing in my life right now”….when it’s real, it just comes naturally. It’s evident.
And maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like if I have to always be telling someone then there probably is a disconnect. There’s a difference in talking about what you love because you love it…..and talking about what you love because people will look at you different because of it.

This was a good slap in the face analogy for me. Spiritually speaking….I’m a little “overweight” and the thought of running for more than a mile or two makes me sweat. Out of shape...not gonna lie.
Probably one of the reasons I started trying to do races was I needed discipline/goals in my life…and I need the same approach I have to my physical training to spill over into my spiritual life.

That being said…I’m dusting the cheesy poofs from my face and putting on my sweat bands….round is not a shape.