Thursday, June 11, 2009


I felt thunder shake the ground today. I haven’t experienced the sensation of that kind of power in a long time! It came rumbling over the distance and as soon as it hit my ears it also rolled along the ground and trembled underneath my feet. I was blown away. The sound was that great, that strong that the earth beneath me shook. I know I’ve felt thunder before; maybe I was just more aware today. It shook the highway and made my car tremor. It was amazing! In that instance I felt realization, awe and fear all at the same time. The realization that I am so small. Fear because something that is nothing more than a noise could cause the earth to shake and also startle me. Following all of this I was just in awe of God. He thought up the idea of Thunder... I usually think of it as a reaction to the temperature change that happens in storms. But that takes all the creativity out of God. I like to think of thunder as a creative aspect of storms, not a scientific occurrence.
I love laying in bed at night in the summer time and hearing the frequent summer showers coming in. I count the seconds between the claps of thunder and the lightening that sends light tearing into my pitch dark room. Flash….One, two, three, four….BOOM; 4 miles away. Flash…, two, three….BOOM; three miles away. This is my favorite way to fall asleep. I just love storms. I feel like its God’s way of reminding us just how big He is. I’m always aware of the Lord’s power during those storms and it gives me a good fear of the Lord and at the same time I’m so aware of his mercy that He doesn’t just blow me away with the leaves.
So here’s looking forward to many more summer rains…