Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm feeling the desire to wander again. My Freshman and Sophomore year in college I spent much of my time wandering.....wandering in different countries....wandering about here in Athens. Just wandering. Thinking. Seeing new things. Exploring. It was a drive I couldn't ignore and it pulled me to some of the most amazing places and experiences I've ever seen. I embraced this desire and went with it. Looking back I'm so very glad I did.
I thought that part of my life was over. An itch I had scratched. Every couple months the itch would come back and demanded to be noticed. So I scratched it and have been so very blessed to have been able to experience all that I have.
For about a year or so now that desire has remained dormant. Maybe due to reality....maybe a little to the rational side of myself that has grown since I was 18. But once again....ever so quietly this time....its whispering again to me.
College provided wonderful ways to fulfill this desire through study abroad and trips with friends. God revealed this love for seeing His creation through mission trips and other life experiences.

You ever just get that feeling that if you don't do something you may be missing out on something very significant to who you are and what drives you. That's what I got right now. Something beyond curiosity. I would even go so far as to say and who I've been designed to be by the One who knows best.
The desire to see and feel beauty. To be in awe. To be speechless by what surrounds me in nature.
The drive is back and cannot be ignored.
Now I just need to figure out why it is there....and how to fulfill it and continue to do His will.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's not Christmas without Amy

So Will and I are going to Ultimate Christmas concert next week. I'm pretty excited about it....bringing back the 80's with some mistletoe and eggnog.
Yup...we are going to the Amy Grant/Vince Gill concert at the Fox.
Don't judge. (well we may be that lame couple..but I'm OK with it if it includes Amy)

I heard on the radio that she was in concert with Vince (we are on a first name basis) at the Fox and I almost peed in my pants with excitement. When I was little Christmas wasn't officially Christmas until I had listened to the Amy Grant Christmas Album. For those of you that know...I can hear you screaming "Oh ya!! Totally!" over cyber world...for those that don't, I shed tears for lost childhood memories for you. Amy Grant's Christmas CD is still by far the best Christmas compilation ever. I remember interpretive dancing to "Mary did you know" in my playroom when I was younger.
(Yup...I use to pretend interpretive dance....I was pretty good...and maybe a little in college. sigh...sorry for those that witnessed those)
Amy is necessary for me and Christmas. Can't have Christmas without be like eggnog with out the nog...then you would just have eggs. Gross and not very festive. When I heard about the concert I had to go! The only question...who could I get to go with me who wouldn't think it was lame. Hmmm. That was a tough one. Will!! Well....I'll just leave the part about Amy out and say its a Christmas Country Concert with Vince. So I told him...and he sounded interested...ya go ahead and get the will be fun. Here's where I thought I should at least let him know Amy was involved too. So I sandwiched it in with the time and location hoping he wouldn't notice. Kinda like when your mom asks what you did last night and you say....Oh you know....grab some pizza with friends, watch some T.V., almost get some ice cream and called it an early night. (warning: that never works. They always catch the part about the 'almost' arrest. But I digress...that's a story for another blog)
So Will of course heard the part about Amy that I tried to squeeze in.
"Oh ya and it's this Monday at the Fox with Amy Grant at 7:30...we should grab dinner before!"
I paused waiting for the " We are NOT going to that concert! That's just cheesy...etc etc. But I was surprised...instead of back pedaling from the 80's princess concert I heard....
" Oh my gosh!!! Her Christmas CD is my favorite! We HAVE TO GO!! Ahhh Tennessee Christmas is such a good song!"

I was shocked. Amazed...and slightly impressed. So next Monday be thinking of us...we will be reminiscing of old childhood Christmas joys with Amy ...oh and Vince will be there too.

But let's be honest...everyone is there for Amy.