Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I’ve decided to do a Sprint Triathlon. I’ve wanted to have something that is “mine” and I could pour time and effort into. I just hadn’t decided what it was. My first thought was that I will train for 5 and 10K races (my body is not in fantastic shape and I could use a reason to start running again) but then I remembered. I HATE running. Well nix that idea. I wanted something I would have to use discipline to accomplish. Something that wouldn’t come quickly, but over time would have to be worked and strived for. Something that after the time, sweat, tears and exhaustion I poured into it I could complete and enjoy the satisfaction of finishing. And that’s when it came to me.
I was doing a cycling class at my gym and they started showing clips from Iron Man. Seeing all those people giving there all for this one race was so moving. I know it sounds silly, but when you think about what people have to sacrifice and endure to get their bodies in enough shape to run a full Iron Man it’s pretty ridiculous. There were hundreds of people all ages and ethnicities that were running this race. I watched in amazement wondering what it was that drove them to do this? What about this race was worth the grueling training and discipline that was required to actually finish? The biggest sense of relief and joy burst across their face as they crossed that line and embraced on looking family members and loved ones. They raced to win but even the competition couldn’t overshadow the personal victory of just finishing the race. Other racers, who moments before were opponents, ran to embrace the new racers that crossed the finish line in victory as if to say “Congratulations! You made it! Come celebrate with me!” Competition was forgotten and instead camaraderie over completion was all that was present. My immediate thought was “I could never do that.” And then I started to have a conversation with Jesus as I pedaled on my bike watching the film flicker across the wall.
Why couldn’t you do that? Because it’s physically impossible.
They did it so obviously it’s not. Yes, but I can only imagine the discipline and training they had to enter into to achieve that.
Does it look like it was worth it? Yes.
With me you could do this. Only with my help.
Jesus, you created me, you know I have endurance issues with athletics. (I played defense in soccer because my lungs were never strong enough for forward. I was always a sprint swimmer because I couldn’t handle the long distances. Same story with track.)
Yeah, but I couldn’t.
Exactly. I can. You need to learn discipline and you need to learn what its like to have me do something through you. When you cross that finish line you will know the only reason you got there was because of Me. Let’s do this together. Not necessarily the Iron Man, let’s start off small. I have a lot to teach you through this process. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.
After that conversation I decided that I should definitely give it a try. I went home and signed up for a race in September. It’s the middle of June and I have about 3 months to get in race shape.
So here goes everything…


Well I have done something that I never dreamed I would do. This past weekend I completed my first Sprint Triathlon. Don’t be confused this is not the infamous Iron Man. Take the intensity of Iron Man and divide it by 10 and that’s a Sprint. Small though it is, it is still pretty intense. A sprint includes ½ mile swim (16 laps in a pool), then 14 mile bike, and wrapped up with a nice 3.2 mile run.
I didn’t blog about the experience leading up to the race because I have been so busy, however, I think it has been such a great process so I’m going to break down my experience through several blogs ending with the actual race day. Don’t be confused, I will be writing in present tense even though we both know that the race is over…but for a couple blogs lets pretend its not and you can follow me on this crazy adventure. In the end, my hope is that you will be convinced that doing a sprint triathlon needs to be on your list of things to do…