Monday, April 27, 2009

Giant freezers and Running dogs

So I've always viewed myself as a brave person. No real big fears besides the basic gender ones...bugs and anything that could creepy crawl up on me and scare me. Nothing crazy. Pretty normal legit "Um I don't really like that" things. However, the past couple months I have realized I have had some closet fears I was unaware of (hence the word closet)
First, I was visiting my best friend up in D.C. (shout out to Lauren), who I might add probably lives in the coolest house in Arlington (very jealous). I decided to take advantage of my nice vacation time, the beautiful weather, and her relatively safe neighborhood and went for a nice run. Ha, well being that I was out of shape this quickly turned into brisk walk. I admired all the nice families that were out walking...babies...couples. It was like out of a movie. Then I saw what is very normal....someone walking a dog. I smiled....I love dogs. And this is when I realized my secret fear because here was my thought process as the dog grew closer:
aw what a sweet dog. I want a dog someday. Man I would be in great shape if I had one. So sweet.....ummm kinda getting close (dog gets nearer) uhhhhh looking at me funny.....(I start to run on the grass away from the dog)....still really close....(as I pass the dog) DEAR JESUS DON'T BITE ME!! DON'T BITE ME! DON'T BITE ME!!! AHHHHHHHHH.
Sigh of relief after the dog passes. Really?? Where did that come from? I love dogs! But as I ran by the dog and his owner the only thing I could think of was that at any moment he was going to lunge out and take a hunk out of my butt! Then I remembered, in college I had run by a dog and he did lunge out and rip a hole in my pants as he bit my ass. It all came together. I wasn't afraid of dogs...unless I was running with my apparently delicious pants on that dogs cannot resist. So kinda embarrased of that fear but if you ever run with me and we pass a dog I will run in the road and on coming traffic to escape the potential of teeth being sunk into my rear.

Another random fear: I'm a Unit Marketing Director at a Chick-fil-A (blog party foul, but my stories will be better in the future if you understand where I work.) So anyway, we have a HUGE walk in freezer and refridgerator. At first I found these awesome. Totally would want one of these in my house someday. However, when you walk in these the door automatically closes behind you to keep the cold in. The freezer is so cold that one of the managers told me you would probably only keep consciousness for 30 minutes without a coat on.....ehhhh enter fear here. Whenever I go in them (which praise the Lord is very rare) I have a mini anxiety attack. The door seals and closes very tight so you have to push it hard to open it. I'm always afraid the guys I work with who LOVE to mess with me are going to lock me in there. So everytime I try to push open the door my blood pressure rises and breathing increases....I have an adrenaline rush to push open the door and at the same time start praying to the Lord to make my death quick and painless because I ALWAYS fear the door won't open. I breathe a sigh of relief everytime the door does open. I find this amusing because I've never been stuck in there before...and yet everytime I go into a panic attack. I bet anyone watching me come out of the freezer probably laughs because I bet I look like someone running out of a burning building.
Sigh. Silly fears.