Thursday, September 22, 2011

P.S. I forgot my lunch today.

Ever have those days where its a small victory to make it to work in one piece?
That's me everyday.
Sometimes I feel like I need an iPhone App that cheers every time I do a normal thing correct.
Put clothes on...all of them ( Hurrah!)
Brought my lunch today (Hurrah!)
Remembered where I parked my car (Hurrah!)
Apple, get on that App ASAP.
Maybe even after an especially challenging morning the App would alert all your appointments that day "Cameron has already accomplished so much beyond her usual power that she has the rest of the day off!" Go home, today has been a feat already! Congratulations.
No, but seriously ya'll....I really think there is a part of my brain that didn't develop...EVER. God must have been distracted when He was creating me and left a part out. That, or my mother ate too many rainbow Popsicles during development.
Today I ran out the door and left my purse.
How many years have I been carrying my purse? Oh, at least 10. But nope, this is the second time in two weeks I've forgotten it. Today I remembered as I was driving away; not so lucky last week.
I use to HATE carrying a purse when I was younger, so I think there are remnants of my 13 year old self who still refuses to believe I use a purse.
She wins on occasions.
Decided to cook dinner for my "family" out here. Bought all the groceries during my lunch break and reminded myself 10 times "Cam, don't forget to grab the groceries before you leave!"
Got all the way groceries. I was babysitting so I had to take the baby, who we lovingly call "Bug", and had to drag her all the way to work. We were locked out so had to bang on someones window to let me in. Don't worry, I'd totally let a frazzled girl with a baby on her hip into the office building ...wouldn't you?
Had a Tri race this past weekend. I was putting on my wetsuit and realized I had put my sports bra on inside out *sigh*
It makes me slightly worried for my future kids...
There's already a running joke amongst my college friends that my kids will probably never wear shoes and will resemble Pig Pin from Peanuts and be perpetually followed by a looming cloud of dust.
I'm sorry kids.
These tendencies of mine make me fear the worst for my future, and thus I have decided to write small letter to my future kids. For those of you that know them one day, please remind them that their mother loves them and can't help that she is forgetful. You can tell them that I've always been this way.
Dear Future Children,
I'm sorry I put leashes on you. I will pay for the counseling you will probably need from the psychological damage that caused. Know that it wasn't because I was worried you would run away, but because I was afraid I would forget or lose you.
Love always,
Your Scattered Brained Mother


Eliza said...

There is a is called ADD medicine.:) However, you wouldn't be Cam if you weren't all of those things. I'll leave you little stickies in our bathroom to remind you to brush your hair, put on your pants and bring remember your purse.:) Love you!

Mary said...

CAM - choose to believe that there is hope for you! I dont know where it is yet, or how it will come about, but SURELY God did not put you on this earth to flounder about without your belongings like a rainbow trout in a ditch.

At least you have friends?