Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Day Technology Went On Strike

Today technology went on strike. I don't truly believe that technology has that kind of human capability, but after today I'm pretty sure I have underestimated it. Let's review in bullet points:

  • Got to work this morning only to find out that construction near our office cut our internet lines. Eh, I don't have to check on my email right now. Not a big deal, I'll just do work in our CSM...oh wait, we access that through the internet. Well, while I wait for internet I'll just browse some blogs...hmmm, no. Well I'll just....well...I can stare at the wall...or go home where there's internet.
  • Later on, Jordan was following me to Bible Study and I got too far ahead. Called his phone and it went straight to voicemail. Rats, his phone is dead. Does he remember how to get to bible study? Well he can't use GPS OR call me to figure it out. Maybe he stopped to grab a snack. *I ridiculously pace between the front door and the street.* Do I go looking for him?  Should I just start walking down the street and hope I can flag him down? Will he turn around and go home if he can't find it? Gosh, this is a ridiculous and helpless feeling. I'll call him and see if he's lost...UGH! *more pacing. WHAT DID PEOPLE DO BEFORE PHONES?! HOW AM I SO DEPENDENT? 
  • Then my phone dies. Perfect. Jordan walks in a few minutes later. Phew. No thanks to cell phones.
  • Driving home from Bible study I notice one of the main roads by our house has all the street lights off. Jeez, how cheap is Colorado Springs?! I know we save money by only turning on every other street light but now we're just blacking out entire roads. Pathetic. I pull up into my house only to discover that there's been a power outage. Great. And my phone now has 2% battery from charging in my car. How am I going to wake up tomorrow morning? WHAT DID PEOPLE DO BEFORE ALARM CLOCKS! 
  • Power comes back on (praise the Lord). As I"m about to crawl in bed I remember I have towels that need to be dried. I pull them out of the wash only to notice they feel like I just left them at the bottom of the pool. Weird. Put them in the dryer after unintentionally mopping the floor with the excess water. Dryer makes an odd noise. Open it to discover spin cycle isn't working. I pop them back in the wash so they won't be too moldy and plan on drying them in the morning, Shortly after I find out from my roommate that both are broken. She recommends that I stop the wash and hang them to dry. Don't worry, spin cycle on the wash is broken too. I pull my sopping wet, soapy towels out of the washer. They resemble a blue dalmatian at this point because the detergent hasn't even been dispersed. Awesome. I drag the hot mess outside to hang over our deck to dry overnight only to find out that it's just started to rain. 
Sometimes you just have to just call it a day. 

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